Get Lean Fiji, bringing online personal training to Fiji!

Online personal training made affordable and specially designed for the people of Fiji by Adelene Tutu (#getleanfiji). Proven HIIT workouts and tasty, affordable meal plans using locally available ingredients. Get Lean Fiji puts a better, fitter, healthier you within reach. No fancy equipment and no gym memberships are needed.


Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, get stronger, get fitter, build endurance, improve flexibility or just feel healthier, then Get Lean Fiji can work for you! Three High Intensity workouts each week along with balanced meals is all it takes to achieve the results you need.


Whatever your fitness level, from the sedentary beginner to the ultra-fit athlete Get Lean Fiji provides an online solution that allows you to workout wherever you are. Clients of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels have already benefited from the Get Lean Fiji program. Now it’s your turn!


Check out our About page for more of the Get Lean Fiji story and to check out some of the amazing transformations our clients have undergone!


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