My name is Adelene Tutu and I am your Get Lean Fiji online personal trainer.

I am a mother of two and after the birth of my second child I didn’t feel confident about my body. I got tired of feeling that way so I thought it was time I took charge and did something about it. The only problem was I had never exercised before, not even once, and I never cared about what I ate, fast food and juice were a regular part of my diet.

I didn’t want to join a gym, and I had no equipment of my own but I found some online workouts that I liked and started working out at home in my living room using nothing but my own bodyweight. Once I got certified as a fitness instructor, I started writing my own workouts.

I also began to pay attention to what I was eating. I started with eliminating fizzy drinks from my diet and ate only the amount of food that my body needed and that alone played a huge role in my weight loss!

Adelene standing in front of a masi design background

It was so HARD! After my first workout I could barely walk! But I felt proud that I did it and I began to feel more confident and stronger after each workout. One year later, and you can see the results for themselves!

Now its your turn to Get Lean with Adelene. I am a certified fitness instructor and have been training individuals and groups since 2017. My Get Lean Fiji personal training program will guide you through your own personal transformation. Look below to see how some of my client’s have transformed themselves in only a few months.

Your Get Lean Fiji program will include 3 x 30minute high intensity workouts per week designed to work your whole body. You will also receive personalized meal plans that will transform your body. Importantly, my meal plans are based on foods that are available and affordable in Fiji.

Client Transformations

Below are some of the photos my clients have sent me showing their own personal transformations on the Get Lean Fiji program! Are you ready?

Week 1 and Week 4 transformation
Side on view of progress week 1 and week 6
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