We love food at Get Lean Fiji and so food is a key part of what we do. We have a complete range of delicious and nutritious meal plans that help you to eat the right amount of food for your body, while still being able to enjoy what you eat. Most of our food is quick and simple to prepare, so eating should never become a chore. We also believe that preparing your own food is a mental and physical act that is an important part of any diet, and by thinking about the food you eat and what is in it you are more likely to achieve results on the Get Lean Fiji program.

Check out our free one day meal plan, if you like what you see then why not join now and get access to your 12-week personalized meal plan.

Currently our meals are based around chicken, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and include nuts, gluten and dairy products. We can readily substitute many ingredients to cater to special dietary requirements, however, we may not be able to accomodate every body into the Get Lean Fiji program. We will inform you as part of the registration process if we are unable to support your dietary needs, or you can Contact Adelene with any questions before you register.

Why not join the 12 week program?

By joining our full Get Lean Fiji 12 week program you will receive twelve weekly workout plans, that’s a total of 36 high intensity workouts that will work your entire body. You also receive 12 weeks of personalised meal plans tailored to your individual needs and dietary requirements. In addition, you gain access to our Exercise Archive which has instructional videos for all the exercises that are part of the Get Lean Fiji program and you can participate in our Community Forums, where you can ask questions and share results with the other Get Lean Fiji Community Members. Of course you also get special access to Support from Adelene for the duration of your Get Lean Fiji program.

All this for less than $2.50 per day!